PhD Benjamin Rondeau

"Reference gem materials from the National Museum of Natural History: examples of scientific research on a collection of mineralogy and gemology"

Benjamin Rondeau, 15 December, 2003.

Abstract: The following gemological subjects are investigated here using very rare minerals and faceted gems kept in the collections of the French National Museum of Natural History. 

* chemical impurities incorporation in asteriated diamonds showing contemporaneous growth sectors. 

* genesis conditions of gem opal based on Slovakian opals investigation. 

* determination of the geographical provenance of historical emeralds of the collection on the basis of their isotopic oxygen composition. 

* genesis conditions of vanadian emeralds. 

* gemstones identification of the amblygonite-montebrasite series on the basis of their Raman signal. 

Results would have been hardly obtained without these particular samples showing that these collections play a key role in scientific research. All these new data constitute the scientific value added to these reference samples.

The following .pdf files are available in French only.


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